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G protein-coupled receptors and beta-arrestins; Mutant mouse models; Identification of novel targets for the therapy of diabetes and obesity

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Beneficial metabolic role of β-arrestin-1 expressed by AgRP neurons.
Pydi SP, Cui Z, He Z, Barella LF, Pham J, Cui Y, Oberlin DJ, Egritag HE, Urs N, Gavrilova O, Schwartz GJ, Buettner C, Williams KW, Wess J.
Sci Adv (2020 Jun) 6:eaaz1341. Abstract/Full Text
β-arrestin-1 suppresses myogenic reprogramming of brown fat to maintain euglycemia.
Pydi SP, Jain S, Barella LF, Zhu L, Sakamoto W, Meister J, Wang L, Lu H, Cui Y, Gavrilova O, Wess J.
Sci Adv (2020 Jun) 6:eaba1733. Abstract/Full Text
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