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G protein-coupled receptors and beta-arrestins; Mutant mouse models; Identification of novel targets for the therapy of diabetes and obesity

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Adipocyte β-arrestin-2 is essential for maintaining whole body glucose and energy homeostasis.
Pydi SP, Jain S, Tung W, Cui Y, Zhu L, Sakamoto W, Jain S, Abel BS, Skarulis MC, Liu J, Huynh T, Pacak K, Caron MG, Gavrilova O, Finkel T, Wess J.
Nat Commun (2019 Jul 3) 10:2936. Abstract/Full Text
Hepatic Gi signaling regulates whole-body glucose homeostasis.
Rossi M, Zhu L, McMillin SM, Pydi SP, Jain S, Wang L, Cui Y, Lee RJ, Cohen AH, Kaneto H, Birnbaum MJ, Ma Y, Rotman Y, Liu J, Cyphert TJ, Finkel T, McGuinness OP, Wess J.
J Clin Invest (2018 Feb 1) 128:746-759. Abstract/Full Text
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