Synthetic Bioactive Molecules Section

Using synthetic organic chemistry to create new molecules with unique biological activities.

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Preclinical evaluation of a mercaptobenzamide and its prodrug for NCp7-targeted inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus.
Hartman TL, Yang L, Helfrick AN, Hassink M, Shank NI, George Rosenker K, Scerba MT, Saha M, Hughes E, Wang AQ, Xu X, Gupta P, Buckheit RW Jr, Appella DH.
Antiviral Res (2016 Oct) 134:216-225. Abstract/Full Text
Reaction Kinetics Direct a Rational Synthesis of an HIV-1 Inactivator of Nucleocapsid Protein 7 and Provide Mechanistic Insight into Cellular Metabolism and Antiviral Activity.
Nikolayevskiy H, Scerba MT, Deschamps JR, Appella DH.
Chemistry (2018 Jul 5) 24:9485-9489. Abstract/Full Text
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