Research Materials & Patents

Patents, materials, and other research resources appear below. Some resources may be available for use through Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) or licensing agreements.

  1. Anti-HIV Acylthiol & Thioether prodrugs (U.S. Patent Number 12/414,321)

    These inventions provide the compositions, pharmaceutical carrier, and usages of the new Acylthiols (E-329-2000 family) and Thioether pro-drug (E-177-2010 family) compounds in treatment of retroviral infections such as HIV. These compounds target the…

  2. PNA-Detection of Pathogens (U.S. Patent Number 13/592,490)

    The laboratory of Daniel Appella, PhD. has developed a prototype HIV testing kit that employs a peptide nucleic acid probe to capture HIV RNA recovered from patient blood. The probe targets a highly conserved segment of the Gag sequence. Initial data…

  3. Programmable self-assembled nanostructures based on sidechain-modified pna for the multivalent display of ligands (U.S. Patent Number EP 2569328 A2)

    The invention concerns compositions comprising strands of polynucleotide and strands of PNA, each PNA strand comprising:

    • (i) from 2 to 50 nucleobase subunits and
    • (ii) one or more gamma substituents.

    The PNA strands are complementary to at least a…