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Kent Thurber.

Dr. Thurber received his S.B. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then did postdoctoral research at the Army Research Laboratory and the Navy Research Laboratory before joining the Laboratory of Chemical Physics of NIDDK in 2005. His work includes experimental and theoretical aspects of dynamic nuclear polarization as well as micron-scale magnetic resonance imaging.

Wai Ming Yau.
Wai-Ming Yau, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist

Dr. Yau received his B.S. in pharmacy from National Taiwan University, his M.S. in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and his Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from West Virginia University. He did postdoctoral research in the Laboratory of Membrane Biochemistry and Biophysics of NIAAA before joining the Laboratory of Chemical Physics of NIDDK in 2002. His work includes synthesis of isotopically labeled peptides for solid state NMR studies, synthesis of novel oligoradical compounds for dynamic nuclear polarization, and protein expression.

Our Fellows

Blake Wilson.
C. Blake Wilson, Ph.D.
Intramural Research Training Associate
Dr. Wilson received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. His current work involves the development of new rapid temperature-jump methods for initiating protein folding processes and the application of these methods in time-resolved studies of protein folding by solid-state NMR with dynamic nuclear polarization.
Wancheng Zhao, Ph.D.
Wancheng Zhao, Ph.D.
Visiting Fellow

Dr. Zhao received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Michigan State University. His current work focuses on the development of nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide as a biomimetic material for studies of nuclear pores, and on studies by solid state NMR of the behavior of FG-repeat protein sequences that are attached to these pores.

Motahareh G. Larimi, Ph.D.
Motahareh G. Larimi, Ph.D.
Intramural Research Training Associate

Dr. Larimi received her Ph.D. in physics from Syracuse University. Her current work focuses on structural and dynamical studies of complexes formed by coronavirus nucleocapsid proteins with RNA, using a combination of cryo-EM and solid state NMR methods.


Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Drexel University

Assistant Research Professor

Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology Research

Ujjayini Ghosh
Research Professor

University of California at San Francisco

Hsueh-Ying Chen
Application Scientist

Bruker BioSpin

Eric Moore
Service Engineer
Bruker BioSpin
Kan-Nian Hu
Associate Director
Kymera Therapeutics
Andrew E. Bennett
Diagnostic Radiologist
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Professor of Chemistry

Michigan State University

Associate Professor of Physics

University of British Columbia, Canada

Professor of Life Science and Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Luleå University of Technology

Francisco J. Blanco
Research Professor, Structural Biology Unit

CIC bioGUNE, Spain

Professor of Chemistry

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Associate Professor of Chemistry

University of Missouri at Kansas City

Associate Professor of Biochemistry

University of Toronto, Canada

Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

Associate Professor of Physics

University of Central Florida

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Binghampton University (State University of New York)

Assistant Professor of Life Science and Technology

Shanghai Tech University, China

Assistant Professor of Physics

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

University of Puerto Rico

Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology

University of Connecticut

Assistant Professor of Structural Biophysics
Yenepoya Research Center, India
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