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Open studies conducted by NIDDK Principal Investigators appear below. Study statuses may include the following:

  • Open: Recruiting - Currently recruiting participants and open to everyone who meets eligibility criteria.
  • Open: Active, Not Recruiting - Participants are receiving an intervention or being examined, however new participants are not being recruited or enrolled.
  • Open: Enrolling by Invitation - People in a particular population were selected in advance and invited to participate. The study is not open to everyone who meets the eligibility criteria.
  • Open: Available for Expanded Access - Patients who are not participants in the clinical study may be able to gain access to the drug, biologic, or medical device being studied.

Studies Seeking Patients

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, the HEpatic Response to Oral Glucose, and the Effect of Semaglutide (NAFLD HEROES)

Background: In non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), fat accumulates in the liver and can cause damage. Researchers want to learn what causes the damage NAFLD, and to see if a medication can help. Objective: To find out how the liver in people with NAFLD responds to feeding, and how this relates to their response to the drug semaglutide. Eligibility: People with NAFLD and healthy volunteers ages 18 and older Design: Participants will be screened with: Medical history Physical exam Blood tests Imaging: A machine will take pictures of the participant s body. Within 2-8 weeks of enrollment, participants will stay in the clinic for several days. This includes: Blood, urine, heart, and imaging tests For NAFLD participants only: A needle-like device will remove a small biopsy of the liver and fatty tissue. Participants will be alone in a special room for 5 hours. They will breathe through a tube under the nostrils. They will have blood drawn several times. The baseline visit concludes participation for healthy volunteers but NAFLD participants will contine. About 6 weeks after discharge, participants will stay in the clinic again and repeat the tests. They will get their first semaglutide dose by injection. Participants will have visits weeks 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 of treatment. Visits include blood tests. Participants will inject semaglutide once a week at home. At week 30, participants will stay in the clinic again and repeat the tests. Participants will have a final visit 12 weeks after stopping treatment. This includes blood and urine tests. ...

The trial is Open with a status of Recruiting.

Investigator: Yaron Rotman, M.D.

Referral Contacts: (301) 451-6553

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Last Reviewed October 2023