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17-Beta Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase 13 Is a Hepatic Retinol Dehydrogenase Associated With Histological Features of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
Ma Y, Belyaeva OV, Brown PM, Fujita K, Valles K, Karki S, de Boer YS, Koh C, Chen Y, Du X, Handelman SK, Chen V, Speliotes EK, Nestlerode C, Thomas E, Kleiner DE, Zmuda JM, Sanyal AJ, (for the Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Clinical Research Network), Kedishvili NY, Liang TJ, Rotman Y.
Hepatology (2019 Apr) 69:1504-1519. Abstract/Full Text
Postprandial Plasma Lipidomics Reveal Specific Alteration of Hepatic-derived Diacylglycerols in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
Velenosi TJ, Ben-Yakov G, Podszun MC, Hercun J, Etzion O, Yang S, Nadal C, Haynes-Williams V, Huang WA, González-Hódar L, Brychta RJ, Takahashi S, Akkaraju V, Krausz KW, Walter M, Cai H, Walter PJ, Muniyappa R, Chen KY, Gonzalez FJ, Rotman Y.
Gastroenterology (2022 Jun) 162:1990-2003. Abstract/Full Text
Vitamin E treatment in NAFLD patients demonstrates that oxidative stress drives steatosis through upregulation of de-novo lipogenesis.
Podszun MC, Alawad AS, Lingala S, Morris N, Huang WA, Yang S, Schoenfeld M, Rolt A, Ouwerkerk R, Valdez K, Umarova R, Ma Y, Fatima SZ, Lin DD, Mahajan LS, Samala N, Violet PC, Levine M, Shamburek R, Gharib AM, Kleiner DE, Garraffo HM, Cai H, Walter PJ, Rotman Y.
Redox Biol (2020 Oct) 37:101710. Abstract/Full Text
How healthy are the "Healthy volunteers"? Penetrance of NAFLD in the biomedical research volunteer pool.
Takyar V, Nath A, Beri A, Gharib AM, Rotman Y.
Hepatology (2017 Sep) 66:825-833. Abstract/Full Text
The association of genetic variability in patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing protein 3 (PNPLA3) with histological severity of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Rotman Y, Koh C, Zmuda JM, Kleiner DE, Liang TJ, NASH CRN.
Hepatology (2010 Sep) 52:894-903. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

Nutrition literacy is not sufficient to induce needed dietary changes in NAFLD.
Carroll AM, Rotman Y.
Am J Gastroenterol (2023 Jan 13) Abstract/Full Text
Metformin treatment rescues CD8(+) T-cell response to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in mice with NAFLD.
Wabitsch S, McCallen JD, Kamenyeva O, Ruf B, McVey JC, Kabat J, Walz JS, Rotman Y, Bauer KC, Craig AJ, Pouzolles M, Phadke I, Catania V, Green BL, Fu C, Diggs LP, Heinrich B, Wang XW, Ma C, Greten TF.
J Hepatol (2022 Sep) 77:748-760. Abstract/Full Text
The Association of Alanine Aminotransferase Levels With Myocardial Perfusion Imaging and Cardiovascular Morbidity.
Yardeni D, Toledano R, Novack V, Shalev A, Wolak A, Rotman Y, Etzion O.
J Cardiovasc Pharmacol Ther (2022 Jan-Dec) 27:10742484221074585. Abstract/Full Text
Fatty Liver Is an Independent Risk Factor for Delayed Recovery from Anesthesia.
Shapses M, Tang L, Layne A, Beri A, Rotman Y.
Hepatol Commun (2021 Nov) 5:1848-1859. Abstract/Full Text
Durable virological response and functional cure of chronic hepatitis D after long-term peginterferon therapy.
Hercun J, Kim GE, Da BL, Rotman Y, Kleiner DE, Chang R, Glenn JS, Hoofnagle JH, Koh C, Heller T.
Aliment Pharmacol Ther (2021 Jul) 54:176-182. Abstract/Full Text
17-Beta Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase 13 Deficiency Does Not Protect Mice From Obesogenic Diet Injury.
Ma Y, Brown PM, Lin DD, Ma J, Feng D, Belyaeva OV, Podszun MC, Roszik J, Allen JN, Umarova R, Kleiner DE, Kedishvili NY, Gavrilova O, Gao B, Rotman Y.
Hepatology (2021 May) 73:1701-1716. Abstract/Full Text
Immunological mechanisms and therapeutic targets of fatty liver diseases.
Wang H, Mehal W, Nagy LE, Rotman Y.
Cell Mol Immunol (2021 Jan) 18:73-91. Abstract/Full Text
Lipoprotein Insulin Resistance Index Reflects Liver Fat Content in Patients With Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
Vittal A, Shapses M, Sharma B, Sharma D, Sun Q, Sampson M, Lee W, Ben Yakov G, Rotman Y.
Hepatol Commun (2021 Apr) 5:589-597. Abstract/Full Text
Characterization of essential domains in HSD17B13 for cellular localization and enzymatic activity.
Ma Y, Karki S, Brown PM, Lin DD, Podszun MC, Zhou W, Belyaeva OV, Kedishvili NY, Rotman Y.
J Lipid Res (2020 Nov) 61:1400-1409. Abstract/Full Text
Genetic Determinants of Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Due to Fatty Liver Disease: What's the Score?
Pfeiffer RM, Rotman Y, O'Brien TR.
Hepatology (2020 Sep) 72:794-796. Abstract/Full Text
MR elastography-based liver fibrosis correlates with liver events in nonalcoholic fatty liver patients: A multicenter study.
Han MAT, Vipani A, Noureddin N, Ramirez K, Gornbein J, Saouaf R, Baniesh N, Cummings-John O, Okubote T, Setiawan VW, Rotman Y, Loomba R, Alkhouri N, Noureddin M.
Liver Int (2020 Sep) 40:2242-2251. Abstract/Full Text
Design and in vivo activity of A(3) adenosine receptor agonist prodrugs.
Suresh RR, Jain S, Chen Z, Tosh DK, Ma Y, Podszun MC, Rotman Y, Salvemini D, Jacobson KA.
Purinergic Signal (2020 Sep) 16:367-377. Abstract/Full Text
4-HNE Immunohistochemistry and Image Analysis for Detection of Lipid Peroxidation in Human Liver Samples Using Vitamin E Treatment in NAFLD as a Proof of Concept.
Podszun MC, Chung JY, Ylaya K, Kleiner DE, Hewitt SM, Rotman Y.
J Histochem Cytochem (2020 Sep) 68:635-643. Abstract/Full Text
Rhythmic Fluctuations in Levels of Liver Enzymes During Menstrual Cycles of Healthy Women and Effects of Body Weight.
Lai CW, Jadhav S, Njei B, Ye A, Wactawski-Wende J, Mumford SL, Schisterman EF, Rotman Y.
Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol (2020 Aug) 18:2055-2063.e2. Abstract/Full Text
Chronic mirabegron treatment increases human brown fat, HDL cholesterol, and insulin sensitivity.
O'Mara AE, Johnson JW, Linderman JD, Brychta RJ, McGehee S, Fletcher LA, Fink YA, Kapuria D, Cassimatis TM, Kelsey N, Cero C, Sater ZA, Piccinini F, Baskin AS, Leitner BP, Cai H, Millo CM, Dieckmann W, Walter M, Javitt NB, Rotman Y, Walter PJ, Ader M, Bergman RN, Herscovitch P, Chen KY, Cypess AM.
J Clin Invest (2020 May 1) 130:2209-2219. Abstract/Full Text
Dietary fatty acid oxidation is decreased in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A palmitate breath test study.
Naguib G, Morris N, Yang S, Fryzek N, Haynes-Williams V, Huang WA, Norman-Wheeler J, Rotman Y.
Liver Int (2020 Mar) 40:590-597. Abstract/Full Text
Rates of and Factors Associated With Placebo Response in Trials of Pharmacotherapies for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Han MAT, Altayar O, Hamdeh S, Takyar V, Rotman Y, Etzion O, Lefebvre E, Safadi R, Ratziu V, Prokop LJ, Murad MH, Noureddin M.
Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol (2019 Mar) 17:616-629.e26. Abstract/Full Text
Development of Hepatic Steatosis After Chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.
Ben-Yakov G, Alao H, Haydek JP, Fryzek N, Cho MH, Hemmati M, Samala V, Shovlin M, Dunleavy K, Wilson W, Jones EC, Rotman Y.
Hepatol Commun (2019 Feb) 3:220-226. Abstract/Full Text
Development of a Validated Interferon Score Using NanoString Technology.
Kim H, de Jesus AA, Brooks SR, Liu Y, Huang Y, VanTries R, Montealegre Sanchez GA, Rotman Y, Gadina M, Goldbach-Mansky R.
J Interferon Cytokine Res (2018 Apr) 38:171-185. Abstract/Full Text
Hepatic Gi signaling regulates whole-body glucose homeostasis.
Rossi M, Zhu L, McMillin SM, Pydi SP, Jain S, Wang L, Cui Y, Lee RJ, Cohen AH, Kaneto H, Birnbaum MJ, Ma Y, Rotman Y, Liu J, Cyphert TJ, Finkel T, McGuinness OP, Wess J.
J Clin Invest (2018 Feb 1) 128:746-759. Abstract/Full Text
Fatigued Patients with Chronic Liver Disease Have Subtle Aberrations of Sleep, Melatonin and Cortisol Circadian Rhythms.
Tana MM, Alao H, Morris N, Bernstein S, Hattenbach J, Rehman RB, Brychta R, Sarkar S, Zhao X, Walter M, Buckley A, Chen K, Rotman Y.
Fatigue (2018) 6:5-19. Abstract/Full Text
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy.
Guber RD, Takyar V, Kokkinis A, Fox DA, Alao H, Kats I, Bakar D, Remaley AT, Hewitt SM, Kleiner DE, Liu CY, Hadigan C, Fischbeck KH, Rotman Y, Grunseich C.
Neurology (2017 Dec 12) 89:2481-2490. Abstract/Full Text
What if Prometheus had steatosis? Potential use of FGF19 to promote regeneration of the fatty liver.
Brown PM, Rotman Y.
Gut (2017 Oct) 66:1732-1733. Abstract/Full Text
Liver fat accumulation as a barometer of insulin responsiveness again points to adipose tissue as the culprit.
Rotman Y, Neuschwander-Tetri BA.
Hepatology (2017 Apr) 65:1088-1090. Abstract/Full Text
Complications of percutaneous liver biopsy with Klatskin needles: a 36-year single-centre experience.
Takyar V, Etzion O, Heller T, Kleiner DE, Rotman Y, Ghany MG, Fryzek N, Williams VH, Rivera E, Auh S, Liang TJ, Hoofnagle JH, Koh C.
Aliment Pharmacol Ther (2017 Mar) 45:744-753. Abstract/Full Text
Current and upcoming pharmacotherapy for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Rotman Y, Sanyal AJ.
Gut (2017 Jan) 66:180-190. Abstract/Full Text
The relationship between sugar-sweetened beverages and liver enzymes among healthy premenopausal women: a prospective cohort study.
Shimony MK, Schliep KC, Schisterman EF, Ahrens KA, Sjaarda LA, Rotman Y, Perkins NJ, Pollack AZ, Wactawski-Wende J, Mumford SL.
Eur J Nutr (2016 Mar) 55:569-576. Abstract/Full Text
Hepatic expression levels of interferons and interferon-stimulated genes in patients with chronic hepatitis C: A phenotype-genotype correlation study.
Noureddin M, Rotman Y, Zhang F, Park H, Rehermann B, Thomas E, Liang TJ.
Genes Immun (2015 Jul-Aug) 16:321-9. Abstract/Full Text
Emerging trends in hepatocellular carcinoma incidence and mortality.
Njei B, Rotman Y, Ditah I, Lim JK.
Hepatology (2015 Jan) 61:191-9. Abstract/Full Text
Kidney biomarkers associated with blood lead, mercury, and cadmium in premenopausal women: a prospective cohort study.
Pollack AZ, Mumford SL, Mendola P, Perkins NJ, Rotman Y, Wactawski-Wende J, Schisterman EF.
J Toxicol Environ Health A (2015) 78:119-31. Abstract/Full Text
Understanding early serum hepatitis D virus and hepatitis B surface antigen kinetics during pegylated interferon-alpha therapy via mathematical modeling.
Guedj J, Rotman Y, Cotler SJ, Koh C, Schmid P, Albrecht J, Haynes-Williams V, Liang TJ, Hoofnagle JH, Heller T, Dahari H.
Hepatology (2014 Dec) 60:1902-10. Abstract/Full Text
Ribavirin improves the IFN-γ response of natural killer cells to IFN-based therapy of hepatitis C virus infection.
Werner JM, Serti E, Chepa-Lotrea X, Stoltzfus J, Ahlenstiel G, Noureddin M, Feld JJ, Liang TJ, Rotman Y, Rehermann B.
Hepatology (2014 Oct) 60:1160-9. Abstract/Full Text
Long-term therapy of chronic delta hepatitis with peginterferon alfa.
Heller T, Rotman Y, Koh C, Clark S, Haynes-Williams V, Chang R, McBurney R, Schmid P, Albrecht J, Kleiner DE, Ghany MG, Liang TJ, Hoofnagle JH.
Aliment Pharmacol Ther (2014 Jul) 40:93-104. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of ribavirin on viral kinetics and liver gene expression in chronic hepatitis C.
Rotman Y, Noureddin M, Feld JJ, Guedj J, Witthaus M, Han H, Park YJ, Park SH, Heller T, Ghany MG, Doo E, Koh C, Abdalla A, Gara N, Sarkar S, Thomas E, Ahlenstiel G, Edlich B, Titerence R, Hogdal L, Rehermann B, Dahari H, Perelson AS, Hoofnagle JH, Liang TJ.
Gut (2014 Jan) 63:161-9. Abstract/Full Text
Temperature rise after peginterferon alfa-2a injection in patients with chronic hepatitis C is associated with virological response and is modulated by IL28B genotype.
Han H, Noureddin M, Witthaus M, Park YJ, Hoofnagle JH, Liang TJ, Rotman Y.
J Hepatol (2013 Nov) 59:957-63. Abstract/Full Text
Long-term outcome of chronic hepatitis C after sustained virological response to interferon-based therapy.
Koh C, Heller T, Haynes-Williams V, Hara K, Zhao X, Feld JJ, Kleiner DE, Rotman Y, Ghany MG, Liang TJ, Hoofnagle JH.
Aliment Pharmacol Ther (2013 May) 37:887-94. Abstract/Full Text
HCV infection induces a unique hepatic innate immune response associated with robust production of type III interferons.
Thomas E, Gonzalez VD, Li Q, Modi AA, Chen W, Noureddin M, Rotman Y, Liang TJ.
Gastroenterology (2012 Apr) 142:978-88. Abstract/Full Text
Early changes in natural killer cell function indicate virologic response to interferon therapy for hepatitis C.
Ahlenstiel G, Edlich B, Hogdal LJ, Rotman Y, Noureddin M, Feld JJ, Holz LE, Titerence RH, Liang TJ, Rehermann B.
Gastroenterology (2011 Oct) 141:1231-9, 1239.e1-2. Abstract/Full Text
Ribavirin improves early responses to peginterferon through improved interferon signaling.
Feld JJ, Lutchman GA, Heller T, Hara K, Pfeiffer JK, Leff RD, Meek C, Rivera M, Ko M, Koh C, Rotman Y, Ghany MG, Haynes-Williams V, Neumann AU, Liang TJ, Hoofnagle JH.
Gastroenterology (2010 Jul) 139:154-62.e4. Abstract/Full Text
Low- and standard-dose peginterferon alfa-2a for chronic hepatitis C, genotype 2 or 3: efficacy, tolerability, viral kinetics and cytokine response.
Rotman Y, Borg BB, Soza A, Feld JJ, Modi AA, Loomba R, Lutchman G, Rivera E, Doo E, Ghany MG, Heller T, Neumann AU, Liang TJ, Hoofnagle JH.
Aliment Pharmacol Ther (2010 May) 31:1018-27. Abstract/Full Text
Coinfection with hepatitis C virus and human immunodeficiency virus: virological, immunological, and clinical outcomes.
Rotman Y, Liang TJ.
J Virol (2009 Aug) 83:7366-74. Abstract/Full Text
Low weight predicts neutropenia and peginterferon alfa-2a dose reductions during treatment for chronic hepatitis C.
Rotman Y, Katz L, Cohen M, Cohen-Ezra O, Manhaim V, Braun M, Ben-Ari Z, Tur-Kaspa R.
J Viral Hepat (2009 May) 16:340-5. Abstract/Full Text
Evaluation of the patient with hepatitis B.
Rotman Y, Brown TA, Hoofnagle JH.
Hepatology (2009 May) 49:S22-7. Abstract/Full Text
Relating cluster and population responses to natural sounds and tonal stimuli in cat primary auditory cortex.
Rotman Y, Bar-Yosef O, Nelken I.
Hear Res (2001 Feb) 152:110-27. Abstract/Full Text
Responses of auditory-cortex neurons to structural features of natural sounds.
Nelken I, Rotman Y, Bar Yosef O.
Nature (1999 Jan 14) 397:154-7. Abstract/Full Text