Training & Employment at the Liver Diseases Branch

Information about our NIDDK Hepatology Fellowship Program and other training and employment opportunities at the NIDDK Division of Intramural Research (DIR) can be found on the Training and Employment page. Additional positions that may be available within the Liver Diseases Branch include:

Special Volunteer

  • Purpose: To provide a mechanism whereby an individual volunteers his or her services to the NIH, but receives no direct compensation from NIH. Special Volunteers may, however, receive support from outside sources with approval.
  • Eligibility: Anyone over 16 years old but less than 18 years old must have parental approval. Department employees cannot provide volunteer services during normal work hours. Generally, NIDDK/DIR does not allow NIH Special Volunteers to work in the same laboratory/branch as a parent or spouse. Not required to be a citizen although foreign Special Volunteers must have a valid visa before they can work in the NIH laboratories. (Visa holder must be eligible to obtain employment authorization in order to be a volunteer; e.g., an H-4 cannot obtain employment authorization, therefore cannot be a volunteer at NIH.)
  • Length of Award: Initial appointments may be made for one year with renewals as approved. Appointments may be extended for up to 2 years if outside funding covers that length of time.

Guest Researcher

  • Purpose: To provide investigators access to NIH facilities to further their own research and training by using specialized equipment and resources that are not otherwise available to them.
  • Eligibility: Individual must be a qualified, technically trained academic scientist, engineer, student, or other scientifically trained specialist. The Researcher usually has an advanced degree in the natural or medical sciences. Those who are self-supporting scientists must have the appropriate Lab/Branch Chief certify research credentials and adequate financial resources including that the research will be of direct benefit to the Guest Researcher and not for the specific purpose of performing services for NIH. American citizenship is not required, but foreign Guest Researchers must have a valid visa before they can work in NIH laboratories.
  • Length of Award: Appointments are generally for 1 year but may be extended upon approval.

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Last Reviewed October 2023