NIDDK Director's Update Fall 2010

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Director's Note

As we celebrate our 60th year, we come prepared, with maturity from lessons learned and humility from understanding the depth of knowledge we have yet to achieve. At the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, these lessons have brought myriad discoveries, from developing heart catheterization techniques that help diagnose circulatory disorders in the 1950s to determining the principles for introducing gene modifications in this century—two Nobel Prize-winning contributions to public health among many.

And at 60, we look ahead to what we need to achieve next. Read more

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Commendations & Commencements

  • Congratulations
    Rodgers, Hunt, Kaufman, Gores, Holt, Rustgi, Jacobson, Mitch, Tarbel, Agodoa, Hunter, Hyde, Marquez-Garner, Martinez, Melvin, Plyler, Smith, Stanfield
  • Welcome
    Anderson, Flessner, Chen
  • A Fond Farewell
    Lazar, Perry, Merchant, Perlmutter, Richardson, Nyberg
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