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Supporting Patients Who Have Chronic Kidney Disease

A doctor and a patient

Resources for managing patients who have chronic kidney disease and encouraging them to build healthy habits.

March is National Kidney Month, and our hope is to help empower patients who have chronic kidney disease (CKD) to take charge of their kidney health. We encourage patients to work with their health team for ongoing support and care.

The following five previous blog posts provide information about ways you can support patients who have CKD.

  • Kidney Health in the Digital Age
    Dr. Clarissa J. Diamantidis shares the benefits of using health IT—including telehealth and mobile-based health resources and applications—to improve care for people with CKD.
  • Disaster Planning for Patients with Kidney Disease
    Dr. Jeffrey B. Kopp provides guidance on how to plan for natural disasters with patients who have chronic kidney disease, which often co-occurs with diabetes, and how this conversation can prepare them to maintain their health care routine during and after the disaster to avoid a life-threatening emergency.
  • Metformin and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
    Dr. Blake Cameron discusses what health care professionals need to know about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidance on metformin. Some people who have both diabetes and CKD may be eligible to take metformin, and research suggests that the medication may have benefits for this population.

Check out our National Kidney Month page for information and resources you can use to spread awareness on the importance of patients taking charge of their kidney health, including a toolkit with a flyer and shareable social media posts.

What tips do you have for managing and supporting patients who have CKD? Tell us in the comments.


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