A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Measurements of Physiological Stress Responses in C. Elegans.
Bar-Ziv R, Frakes AE, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Bolas T, Frankino PA, Gildea HK, Metcalf MG, Dillin A.
J Vis Exp (2020 May 21) Abstract/Full Text
Four glial cells regulate ER stress resistance and longevity via neuropeptide signaling in C. elegans.
Frakes AE, Metcalf MG, Tronnes SU, Bar-Ziv R, Durieux J, Gildea HK, Kandahari N, Monshietehadi S, Dillin A.
Science (2020 Jan 24) 367:436-440. Abstract/Full Text
The UPR(ER): Sensor and Coordinator of Organismal Homeostasis.
Frakes AE, Dillin A.
Mol Cell (2017 Jun 15) 66:761-771. Abstract/Full Text
Additive amelioration of ALS by co-targeting independent pathogenic mechanisms.
Frakes AE, Braun L, Ferraiuolo L, Guttridge DC, Kaspar BK.
Ann Clin Transl Neurol (2017 Feb) 4:76-86. Abstract/Full Text
Microglia induce motor neuron death via the classical NF-κB pathway in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Frakes AE, Ferraiuolo L, Haidet-Phillips AM, Schmelzer L, Braun L, Miranda CJ, Ladner KJ, Bevan AK, Foust KD, Godbout JP, Popovich PG, Guttridge DC, Kaspar BK.
Neuron (2014 Mar 5) 81:1009-1023. Abstract/Full Text
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