Lab Members

Open Positions: We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated people. Learn about open positions at the postdoc, graduate student, and postbac levels.

Our Staff

Headshot of Quan Wang, Ph.D.
Acting Section Chief

Ph.D., Stanford University

Our Fellows

Bok-Eum Choi
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D., Georgetown University

Yonglei Sun
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D., University of Connecticut


Guanhua He (Ph.D. student), 2019-2022
Hugh Wilson (Ph.D. student), 2017-2022
Postdoc, Chris Russo Lab (MRC LMB, Cambridge)
Elif Karasu (Research Specialist), 2019-2021
Lab manager, Eva Hernando Lab (NYU Langone)
Miles Lee (Princeton class of 2020), 2016-2020
Virtu Financial
Tommy Nguyen (Princeton class of 2021), 2019-2020
Graduate school (University of Washington)
Pat Robison (Senior Research Specialist), 2020
Imaging Navigator, bioMT (Dartmouth)