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ABEL-FRET: tether-free single-molecule FRET with hydrodynamic profiling.
Wilson H, Wang Q.
Nat Methods (2021 Jul) 18:816-820. Abstract/Full Text
Joint Detection of Change Points in Multichannel Single-Molecule Measurements.
Wilson H, Wang Q.
J Phys Chem B (2021 Dec 16) 125:13425-13435. Abstract/Full Text
A bottom-up perspective on photodynamics and photoprotection in light-harvesting complexes using anti-Brownian trapping.
Squires AH, Wang Q, Dahlberg PD, Moerner WE.
J Chem Phys (2022 Feb 21) 156:070901. Abstract/Full Text
Phase-separating pyrenoid proteins form complexes in the dilute phase.
He G, GrandPre T, Wilson H, Zhang Y, Jonikas MC, Wingreen NS, Wang Q.
Commun Biol (2023 Jan 7) 6:19. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

Single-molecule diffusometry reveals no catalysis-induced diffusion enhancement of alkaline phosphatase as proposed by FCS experiments.
Chen Z, Shaw A, Wilson H, Woringer M, Darzacq X, Marqusee S, Wang Q, Bustamante C.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2020 Sep 1) 117:21328-21335. Abstract/Full Text
Single-molecule diffusometry reveals the nucleotide-dependent oligomerization pathways of Nicotiana tabacum Rubisco activase.
Wang Q, Serban AJ, Wachter RM, Moerner WE.
J Chem Phys (2018 Mar 28) 148:123319. Abstract/Full Text
Dissecting pigment architecture of individual photosynthetic antenna complexes in solution.
Wang Q, Moerner WE.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2015 Nov 10) 112:13880-5. Abstract/Full Text
Single-molecule spectroscopy and imaging over the decades.
Moerner WE, Shechtman Y, Wang Q.
Faraday Discuss (2015) 184:9-36. Abstract/Full Text
Ground-state proton transfer kinetics in green fluorescent protein.
Oltrogge LM, Wang Q, Boxer SG.
Biochemistry (2014 Sep 23) 53:5947-57. Abstract/Full Text
Single-molecule motions enable direct visualization of biomolecular interactions in solution.
Wang Q, Moerner WE.
Nat Methods (2014 May) 11:555-8. Abstract/Full Text
Single-molecule spectroscopy reveals photosynthetic LH2 complexes switch between emissive states.
Schlau-Cohen GS, Wang Q, Southall J, Cogdell RJ, Moerner WE.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2013 Jul 2) 110:10899-903. Abstract/Full Text
Lifetime and spectrally resolved characterization of the photodynamics of single fluorophores in solution using the anti-Brownian electrokinetic trap.
Wang Q, Moerner WE.
J Phys Chem B (2013 Apr 25) 117:4641-8. Abstract/Full Text
Probing single biomolecules in solution using the anti-Brownian electrokinetic (ABEL) trap.
Wang Q, Goldsmith RH, Jiang Y, Bockenhauer SD, Moerner WE.
Acc Chem Res (2012 Nov 20) 45:1955-64. Abstract/Full Text
An Adaptive Anti-Brownian ELectrokinetic trap with real-time information on single-molecule diffusivity and mobility.
Wang Q, Moerner WE.
ACS Nano (2011 Jul 26) 5:5792-9. Abstract/Full Text
Optimal strategy for trapping single fluorescent molecules in solution using the ABEL trap.
Wang Q, Moerner WE.
Appl Phys B (2010 Apr 1) 99:23-30. Abstract/Full Text
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