Conducting translational and basic studies on immune responses to viruses, in particular those that affect the liver, and their regulation by the gastrointestinal microbiome.

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Neonatal exposure to a wild-derived microbiome protects mice against diet-induced obesity.
Hild B, Dreier MS, Oh JH, McCulloch JA, Badger JH, Guo J, Thefaine CE, Umarova R, Hall KD, Gavrilova O, Rosshart SP, Trinchieri G, Rehermann B.
Nat Metab (2021 Aug) 3:1042-1057. Abstract/Full Text
Laboratory mice born to wild mice have natural microbiota and model human immune responses.
Rosshart SP, Herz J, Vassallo BG, Hunter A, Wall MK, Badger JH, McCulloch JA, Anastasakis DG, Sarshad AA, Leonardi I, Collins N, Blatter JA, Han SJ, Tamoutounour S, Potapova S, Foster St Claire MB, Yuan W, Sen SK, Dreier MS, Hild B, Hafner M, Wang D, Iliev ID, Belkaid Y, Trinchieri G, Rehermann B.
Science (2019 Aug 2) 365. Abstract/Full Text
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Immunology section at the annual lab picnic on September 23, 2022. From left to right: Greta Baker, Shahar Azar, Jihoon Oh, Jun Seishima, Barbara Rehermann, Keisuke Fukutomi, Priya Singh with Tobi, Tomoaki Yoshida

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