Liver Diseases Virology Section

of the Liver Diseases Branch

Clinical and basic researchers applying cutting-edge technologies to study the pathogenesis and therapeutic innovations of viral-related liver diseases.

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Controlled Human Infection Model - Fast Track to HCV Vaccine?
Liang TJ, Feld JJ, Cox AL, Rice CM.
N Engl J Med (2021 Sep 23) 385:1235-1240. Abstract/Full Text
Infection courses, virological features and IFN-α responses of HBV genotypes in cell culture and animal models.
Zhang M, Zhang Z, Imamura M, Osawa M, Teraoka Y, Piotrowski J, Ishida Y, Sozzi V, Revill PA, Saito T, Chayama K, Liang TJ.
J Hepatol (2021 Dec) 75:1335-1345. Abstract/Full Text
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