Be Active When You Have Diabetes

Being physically active is one of the most important ways people can manage their diabetes and lower the risk of complications. These very easy-to-read (second- to third-grade reading level) materials help people with diabetes learn about the benefits of being physically active and ways to increase their activity level.

For Patients

Be Active When You Have Diabetes

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This booklet explains the types of physical activity and how to create and manage a physical activity plan. The booklet also provides a list of questions for patients to ask their health care team about a physical activity plan.

This booklet can be used with the instructor's guide.

For Health Care Instructors

Be Active When You Have Diabetes: A Guide for Instructors

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This flipbook is the companion instructor's guide to the Be Active When You Have Diabetes booklet for use in one-on-one or small group patient education settings. The flipbook provides color illustrations with second- to third-grade level text on the patient pages and teaching points on the corresponding instructor pages. The teaching points help a person identify ways to become more physically active.

This guide can be used with the patient booklet.

August 2013

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