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Photo of Stephanie Chung

Stephanie T. Chung, M.B.B.S., is a board certified pediatric endocrinologist and internist, Lasker Tenure-Track Investigator, Co-Director of Metabolic Research Program at NIDDK and Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at George Washington University. Dr. Chung has over 12 years of experience conducting clinical studies in children and adults with diabetes and obesity. She currently leads a clinical metabolic research program that focuses on improving population-specific risk stratification and management of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease with the goal of reducing health disparities especially in youth and young adults. Her passions include running as well as baking delicious treats for her family and lab.

Lilian Mabundo
Lilian Mabundo, RN, MSN
Research Nurse Specialist

Lilian Mabundo, RN, MSN, is a research nurse in the Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity Branch with a master’s degree in Nursing Education. She is lead associate investigator for clinical studies with expertise in conducting metabolic phenotyping using isotope tracers. She assists with the clinical management and education of patients, study implementation and data collection and organization. Outside of lab, she loves spending time with her family and friends, watching movies, exercising, decluttering, and is an avid “foodie.”

Our Fellows

Andrea Krenek
Andrea Krenek, RDN, LDN
Registered Dietitian and Doctoral Fellow

Andrea Krenek is a registered dietitian and NIDDK predoctoral fellow in the Chung Group lab. Prior to pursuing a doctoral degree in Nutritional Sciences at University of Florida, Andrea Krenek received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degrees at Texas A&M University. To support her interests in integrating dietetics, clinical research, and culinary nutrition, Andrea completed her professional culinary training through Rouxbe Cooking School, followed by her dietetic internship through The Ohio State University. Her doctoral research focused on the effects of dietary and culinary nutrition interventions on cardiometabolic, psychological, and dietary outcomes. She hopes to expand these approaches to a range of populations and health conditions, addressing disparities in youth and young adults, and investigate underlying metabolic and behavioral mechanisms. Outside of the lab and kitchen, she loves all kinds of exercise, outdoor activities, food photography, music, podcasts, and exploring new places.

Photo of Sydney Dixon.
Sydney Dixon, B.S.
Study Coordinator, Post-baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Fellow

Sydney is a senior Clinical Study Coordinator in the Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity Branch. She graduated from Howard University, with a B.S. in Biology and minor in Chemistry. With an extensive family history of type 2 diabetes, Sydney is a proud member of Dr. Stephanie Chung's lab where her research focuses on Pediatric Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolic disorders. She leads, MIGHTY-Fiber, a pilot study in youth & young adults exploring the effects of supplementing prebiotics with daily metformin use, to mitigate gastrointestinal side effects in youth. Sydney is passionate about reducing health disparities in minority and underserved populations. She has a keen interest in maternal & child health and plans to become an OB/GYN upon completion of her fellowship. When she is not at NIH, she's riding her peloton, practicing Pilates, playing golf, or watching an action movie. She loves spending time with her family, traveling spontaneously, and (safely) doing car karaoke to Hip-Hop/R&B & Rap music!

Photo of Aruba Chowdhurry.
Aruba Chowdhury, B.S.
Study Coordinator, Post-baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Fellow

Aruba Chowdhury is a second year IRTA in Dr. Stephanie Chung's NIDDK lab, as well as a clinical coordinator at the NIH Outpatient and Pediatric clinic. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S in Biology and a minor in Public Health. During her time as an undergraduate, she took a special interest to minority health and healthcare disparities. She has participated in multiple observational projects regarding maternal morbidity in the U.S. Aruba's area of research concentration is the early stages of atherosclerosis in minority youth with Type 2 Diabetes. She hopes to study to become a pediatric oncologist upon completion of medical school. Her hobbies include traveling, exploring DC, and painting. She likes going to concerts and trying new foods.

Faith Davis
Faith Davis, B.S., B.A.
Study Coordinator, Post-baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Fellow

Faith Davis is a second-year post-baccalaureate fellow and clinical coordinator in the Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity Branch. She graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a B.A. in Sociology. After working toward food justice in Baltimore during her time as an undergraduate, Faith seeks to investigate the youth obesity epidemic through socioecological and cellular lenses. In Dr. Chung's group, she is working to understand the relationship between genetics, gut microbiota, and metformin response in youth with type 2 diabetes. Outside of lab Faith competes in triathlons, rock climbs, and enjoys live music!

Sophia Glaros
Sophia Glaros, B.S.
Study Coordinator, Post-baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Fellow

Sophia Glaros is a first-year post-baccalaureate fellow with Dr. Stephanie Chung. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Biological Sciences: Physiology and Neurobiology and a minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation. Sophia took an interest in the role of a plant-based diet and Type 2 Diabetes in high school. As an undergraduate, Sophia was interested in combating health disparities in her community through volunteering experiences and interactive coursework. Sophia is devoted to combining these experiences to mitigate health disparities among those with Type 2 Diabetes. She hopes to become a Pediatric Endocrinologist upon completing her fellowship. Sophia spends her free time outside NIH hiking, reading, traveling, and trying new exercise classes.

Lab Alumni

Photo of Dr. Abby Meyers.
Abby Meyers, M.D.
Endocrinologist, Associate Director, Endocrinology Fellowship, Children's National Hospital
Photo of Katrina Dietsche.
Katrina Dietsche, B.S.
1st year Medical Student at Yale, former Post-Bacc IRTA Fellow
Alfredo Villalobos-Perez
Alfredo Villalobos-Perez, B.S.
Early-Career Scientist/Research Coordinator, former Post-Bacc IRTA Fellow
Joshua Dawson
Joshua Dawson, B.S.
Medical Student at Columbia Univ. VP&S, former Post-Bacc IRTA Fellow
Samantha Tania Matta
Samantha Matta, B.S.
3rd year Medical Student, former Post-Bacc IRTA Fellow
Celeste Cravalho
Celeste Cravalho, B.S.
Medical Student at Reno SOM (Univ. of Nevada), former Post-Bacc IRTA Fellow
Anthony Onuzuruike
Anthony Onuzuruike
Medical Student at Cleveland Clinic COM, former Post-Bacc IRTA Fellow
Mirella Galvan-De La Cruz
Mirella Galvan-De La Cruz
Resident-Physician at University of New Mexico, former Post-Bacc IRTA Fellow

Group Photos

Dr. Chung and Nurse Lilian enjoying the Annual 2023 Chung Lab Retreat at Great Falls National Park.

Chung lab members smiling inside.Chung Group enjoying dinner at American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 82nd Scientific Conference in New Orleans, LA. Left to Right: Nurse Lilian, Sydney, Dr. Chung, Alfredo, Katrina

Katrina holding plaque next to NIH CC representatives.Katrina accepting her SuperSTAR award from NIH CC

Zoom screenshot of Sydney with Dr. Rodgers and other award winners.Sydney posing with Dr. Griffin Rogers & other award winners from the 2022 (virtual) NIDDK 17th Annual Scientific Conference. She won the Speakers Award for her MIGHTY-Fiber poster presentation

Family, friends, collaborators and members of the Chung Group enjoying the Annual 2023 Chung Lab Retreat at Great Falls National Park.

Dr. Stephanie Chung and the 2023 Clinical Coordinators. Left-Right: Faith, Aruba, Dr. Chung, Sydney, & Sophia

Last Reviewed July 2023