About Our Research

The Section on Pediatric Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism conducts metabolic clinical trials to understand the complex association of biological, social, and environmental factors in the pathogenesis of pediatric diabetes, obesity, and metabolism.

Research Focused on Health Disparities and Health Equity

Type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, especially in underrepresented and vulnerable groups. The transgenerational cycle of diabetes and the epidemic of childhood obesity are among the most important factors for type 2 diabetes development and contribute to health disparities especially in youth and young adults. Moreover, treatments for type 2 diabetes in youth are few and response to metformin, the first-line agent in youth, is highly variable and insufficient in up to 50% of youth within 2 years of diagnosis. Our current projects investigate factors that may promote health disparities including socio-ecological markers of metformin treatment failure and higher risk for heart disease in youth-onset type 2 diabetes.  We aim to develop innovative strategies and therapies to treat youth with type 2 diabetes. Our long-term goals are to reduce diabetes-related health disparities across the lifespan by improving primary prevention of cardiometabolic disease. Specific interests include developing population-specific risk stratification paradigms and novel pharmacologic and pharmacogenetic targets in youth and young adults.

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Last Reviewed July 2023