Lab Members

Our Staff

Photo of Colleen Byrnes
Colleen Byrnes
Photo of Terry Lee
Yuanwei Lee
Photo of Ewa Turner
Ewa Turner
Lab Manager
Photo of Galina Tuymetov
Galina Tuymetova
Colony Manager

Our Fellows

Photo of Hongling Zhu
Hongling Zhu
Research Fellow
Photo of Hannah Duffy.
Hannah Duffy
Pre-doctoral Fellow, NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program
Photo of Jenna Bakir.
Jenna Bakir
Post-baccalaureate Fellow
Photo of Sydney Pettit.
Sydney Pettit
Post-baccalaureate Fellow

Group Photos

2022 Proia Lab MembersProia Lab Members 2022
Photo of 2021 Proia lab members.Proia Lab Members 2021

Group photo of the section membersProia Lab Members 2019