Integrative Physiology Section

of the Laboratory of Biological Modeling

Applying mathematical models to metabolism and body weight regulation.

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Calorie for Calorie, Dietary Fat Restriction Results in More Body Fat Loss than Carbohydrate Restriction in People with Obesity.
Hall KD, Bemis T, Brychta R, Chen KY, Courville A, Crayner EJ, Goodwin S, Guo J, Howard L, Knuth ND, Miller BV 3rd, Prado CM, Siervo M, Skarulis MC, Walter M, Walter PJ, Yannai L.
Cell Metab (2015 Sep 1) 22:427-36. Abstract/Full Text
Striatal dopamine D2-like receptor correlation patterns with human obesity and opportunistic eating behavior.
Guo J, Simmons WK, Herscovitch P, Martin A, Hall KD.
Mol Psychiatry (2014 Oct) 19:1078-84. Abstract/Full Text
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