Lab Members

Our Staff

Craig Cochran
Senior Research Nurse
Della Cox
Patients' Care Coordinator
Noha Behiri
Research Trainee
Sriram Gubbi, M.D.
Associate Research Physician
Leila Shobab.
Leila Shobab
Guest Researcher
Paige Studlack
Clinical Protocol Navigator
Chandra Nayan Uttarkar Vikram
Database Manager
Padmasree Veeraraghavan
Research Nurse
Marina Zemskova
Special Volunteer

Our Fellows

Laura Abaandou
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sonam Kumari.
Sonam Kumari, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Sonam Kumari did her Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis (Tennessee), U.S.A. She joined NIH as a postdoctoral fellow in November 2019. Her research is mainly focused on the crosstalk between the oncogenes activated signaling pathways and cancer metabolism. Therapeutic strategies targeting oncogene-driven signaling pathways and cancer metabolism based on distinct metabolic phenotype are necessary for the individualized approach to thyroid cancer therapy. Another aspect of her work is to investigate the molecular targets for the treatment of thyroid cancer. When not working, she is interested in traveling and watching movies.

Rits Sarkar.
Rits Sarkar
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Rhitajit (Rits) Sarkar did his Ph.D. in India and the first bout of postdoc in Israel before joining NIDDK as a postdoctoral research scholar. Rits does research in cancer cell biology and immunology, and analytical chemistry. He works on projects relating to cancer therapeutics, and his expertise includes cell culture, flow cytometry and immunological methods, and rodent models of various diseases. Rits also served as the Chair of the NIDDK Fellows Advisory Board in 2021-2022. His off-time interests include cooking, traveling, and watching documentaries.

Raisa Ghosh, M.D.
Clinical Research Fellow
Andrew Makarewicz
Post-Baccalaureate Fellow
Ghadah Al-Naqeeb, M.D.
Clinical Research Fellow

Group Photos

Silly photo of the the Thyroid Tumors and Functional Thyroid Disorders Section.
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