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Type 1 Diabetes Special Statutory Funding Program

The Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research, or Special Diabetes Program, is a special appropriation that supports research on the prevention and cure of type 1 diabetes and its complications. Since 1998, the Special Diabetes Program has enabled the creation of unique, innovative, and collaborative research consortia and clinical trials networks. These have made significant research progress as noted in program reports and also generated numerous research resources for use by the broad scientific community.

The NIDDK administers the Special Diabetes Program on behalf of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, in collaboration with multiple NIH Institutes and Centers and the CDC, and with input from the Diabetes Mellitus Interagency Coordinating Committee. Learn more about the Program’s background. The Special Diabetes Program supplements type 1 diabetes research supported by the NIDDK and NIH’s regular appropriation. Therefore, the links on this site do not represent the entirety of type 1 diabetes research supported by the NIDDK and the NIH, but rather focus only on research supported by the Special Diabetes Program. Learn more about NIDDK diabetes research.

Clinical Trials Recruiting Patients and Families

Opportunities for participation in human research studies on type 1 diabetes

View Clinical Trials Recruiting Patients & Families

Research Resources

Materials and tools to enable type 1 diabetes research by the broad scientific community

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Consortia, Networks, and Centers

Programs funded to create communities of researchers focused on answering complicated scientific questions together

View Consortia, Networks and Centers

Reports and Planning

Information on research activities and advances, goals, and coordination in type 1 diabetes research

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Last Reviewed May 2024