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Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections Technology Workshop

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Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are the most common healthcare associated infection. Between 15-25% of hospitalized patients receive urinary catheters during their hospital stay, and prolonged use of a urinary catheter is a risk factor for developing a CAUTI. CAUTIs are responsible for increased morbidity and mortality (e.g., due to bloodstream infections), excess length of stay, increased cost, and unnecessary antimicrobial use. In addition to implementing clinical best practices to reduce CAUTIs, development of new catheter technologies is expected to have a significant clinical impact, thereby supporting NIH’s mission of seeking fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and applying that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.


The purpose of the conference is to promote the development of new or improved technologies to reduce the incidence and severity of catheter-associated urinary tract infections. The workshop will attempt to achieve this goal through a review of the science, by highlighting basic research that may inform new technologies, by providing guidance to innovators on the development path, by identifying common hurdles and discussing proactive solutions, and by promoting interactions between constituents.

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March 10, 2019

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Registration Closed
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Natcher Conference Center
Building 45
NIH Main Campus
Bethesda, MD 20892

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Program Contacts
Daniel Gossett
T: 301-594-7723

Meeting Logistics
Danielle Johnikin
The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.
T: 301-670-4990

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