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Advanced Light Microscopy and Image Analysis Core

Jeff Reece, M.S., Director

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The importance of light microscopy to biomedical research is exemplified by the awarding of two Noble Prizes in the past decade to advances-- fluorescent proteins, and super-resolution - that are virtually subsets of fluorescence microscopy. The mission of the NIDDK Advanced Light Microscopy & Image Analysis Core (ALMIAC) is thus to provide NIDDK researchers and their collaborators with tools and training in the latest technologies and techniques associated with light microscopy (LM), particularly 3D fluorescence microscopy. The ALMIAC is an educator and enabler rather than a service provider, so that users can fully absorb and apply the concepts to their research projects, while gaining valuable hands-on experience. To fulfill its mission, the NIDDK ALMIAC provides these resources:

  • Instrumentation and training to those NIDDK researchers that do not otherwise have easy access to both. Current microscopes include point-scanning confocal, total internal reflection florescence (TIRF), and ground state depletion (GSD) super-resolution. These are supplemented with a high-end image analysis workstation, and a network file server for long-term storage of images. Training is via scheduled one-on-one sessions.
  • Support for NIDDK labs/branches that have/need LM equipment. Occasionally the expertise available in the ALMIAC is useful when making new imaging equipment purchases, and using the equipment after it arrives.
  • Liaison to equipment outside NIDDK, when the ALMIAC or other NIDDK labs do not have the optimal equipment. Almost always when this situation arises, the equipment can be found at another Institute here on the Bethesda campus.

If you work at NIDDK and wish to use ALMIAC resources, please contact Jeff Reece.