Mouse Metabolism Core

Oksana Gavrilova, Ph.D., Director

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Mouse models of obesity and diabetes contribute greatly to a better understanding of how environmental and genetic factors affect metabolism. The Mouse Metabolism Core Laboratory supports NIDDK’s intramural investigators by characterizing and analyzing phenotypes of metabolic disease in genetically modified mice.

We analyze the following: body composition (MRI and Echo Medical Systems), body temperature (Mini-Mitter telemetry), activity (Accuscan Open Field), feeding behavior (BioDAQ, Research Diets), energy expenditure (Oxymax CLAMS and Columbus Instruments), glucose metabolism (insulin tolerance, glucose tolerance, first phase insulin secretion tests, and euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamps), and lipid metabolism ( triglyceride clearance and production and fatty-acid oxidation in whole animals and in isolated muscle). We also assist in the isolation of pancreatic islets, perform transplantation of islets under the kidney capsule, and measure concentrations of major metabolites and hormones in mouse plasma.