Cryo-Electron Microscopy Core, NIDDK

Jenny E. Hinshaw, Ph.D., Director
Haifeng He, Ph.D., Technical Director
Bertram Canagarajah, Ph.D., Computational Director

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The Cryo-Electron Microscopy (CRYOEM) core provides the NIDDK scientific community with equipment and training in preparing and imaging negative stain and cryo-EM grids. The facility has two transmission electron microscopes, FEI Tecnai T12 and TF20 (equipped with a direct electron detector), which are optimized for negative stain, cryo-EM Single Particle and Tomography imaging. The scopes are in Building 8, room B2A20-24. The facility also has two EM grid plungers, carbon evaporator and glow discharge machines located in building 8, room 1A18.

Automated image acquisition is set up on both scope using the program SerialEM. The data is stored on LCBB, a server located in the Democracy NIDDK IT facility. There is minimal fee for service of the facility.

Contact Haifeng He to discuss potential projects and to schedule time on the instruments.