About Our Research

Research Goal

We want to build up a complete picture of all the key steps, from sensing of glucose and other signals to secretion of insulin by pancreatic beta cells. The goal is to understand how the individual steps are coordinated and finally relate impairments in those processes to the pathogenesis of diabetes.

Applying our Research

The basic theoretical work we do helps guide experiments, making them more efficient by providing a roadmap. Advances in understanding insulin secretion in health and disease will contribute to making more intelligent interventions to prevent and treat disease. It will also be a landmark success in integrating knowledge on many levels to understand a complex system of biomedical importance.

Need for Further Study

How does beta cell dysfunction lead to diabetes? How do cells regulate their properties to stay within the functional range in the face of changing conditions?

Mathematical Models

Our lab maintains “gold standard” versions of our published mathematical models. View our models organized by:


Research Images

Last Reviewed February 2024