Section of Genetics and Physiology

of the Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology

Exploring how cytokines control the mammary genome. Understanding gene regulation through genome-wide biochemical studies and advanced genome editing.

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Immune transcriptomes of highly exposed SARS-CoV-2 asymptomatic seropositive versus seronegative individuals from the Ischgl community.
Lee HK, Knabl L, Pipperger L, Volland A, Furth PA, Kang K, Smith HE, Knabl L Sr, Bellmann R, Bernhard C, Kaiser N, Gänzer H, Ströhle M, Walser A, von Laer D, Hennighausen L.
Sci Rep (2021 Feb 19) 11:4243. Abstract/Full Text
Cytosine base editor 4 but not adenine base editor generates off-target mutations in mouse embryos.
Lee HK, Smith HE, Liu C, Willi M, Hennighausen L.
Commun Biol (2020 Jan 9) 3:19. Abstract/Full Text
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