Section of Genetics and Physiology

of the Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology

Exploring how cytokines control the mammary genome. Understanding gene regulation through genome-wide biochemical studies and advanced genome editing.

Select Publications

CRISPR/Cas9 targeting events cause complex deletions and insertions at 17 sites in the mouse genome.
Shin HY, Wang C, Lee HK, Yoo KH, Zeng X, Kuhns T, Yang CM, Mohr T, Liu C, Hennighausen L.
Nat Commun (2017 May 31) 8:15464. Abstract/Full Text
Targeting fidelity of adenine and cytosine base editors in mouse embryos.
Lee HK, Willi M, Miller SM, Kim S, Liu C, Liu DR, Hennighausen L.
Nat Commun (2018 Nov 15) 9:4804. Abstract/Full Text
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