About Our Research

Our group develops and applies improved NMR methods for the study of macromolecular structure and dynamics including

  • methods which provide additional structural constraints for obtaining higher definition of macromolecular structure.
  • methods and procedures for facilitating the resonance assignment process.
  • methods for a better characterization of internal and overall macromolecular dynamics.
  • methods for extending the molecular weight limit of systems that can be studied.


Our group is equipped with modern Bruker NMR spectrometers capable of triple resonance and pulsed field gradient experiments, and shares instruments operating at 500 to 800 MHz with the group of G.M. Clore and a 900 MHz spectrometer with other intramural research groups.

Pulse Programs, Hardware, Software, and Servers

We aim to disseminate technology developed in our group as widely as possible. All software and pulse programs with associated contents can be accessed at https://spin.niddk.nih.gov/bax-apps/main.html (log in using Google, Microsoft, etc. account for access).

Scientific Lectures

Select scientific lectures by Dr. Adriaan Bax and his colleagues are featured below.

Research Images

Last Reviewed April 2024