Ad Bax Group Software

The Ad Bax Group makes available downloadable software for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) research.

Available Software

  • NMRPipe: Multidimensional spectral processing and analysis of NMR data
  • TALOS: Prediction of Protein Phi and Psi Angles Using a Chemical Shift Database
  • ACME: Measurement of homonuclear proton couplings from regular 2D COSY spectra
  • SSIA: Simulation of Sterically Induced Alignment Tensor
  • PALES: Prediction of ALignmEnt from Structure
  • EHM: Extended Histogram Method for Analysis of Dipolar Couplings
  • HBDB: Database Hydrogen-Bonding Potential for Protein Structure Refinement
  • SAXS: Refinement of Protein Structures Against Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Data
  • SPARTA: Prediction of Backbone Chemical Shifts from Known Protein Structure
  • CS-ROSETTA: Chemical Shifts Based Protein Structure Prediction Using ROSETTA
  • IDIDC: Iterative DIDC analysis of RDCs
  • FastSAXS: Fast refinement of macromolecular structures against solution x-ray scattering data
  • TALOS+: A Hybrid method for predicting protein backbone torsion angles from NMR chemical shifts
  • PROMEGA: Prediction of Xaa-Pro peptide bond conformation from sequence and chemical shifts
  • SPARTA+: Improved Prediction of Backbone Chemical Shifts from Known Protein Structure
  • MICS: Identification of Helix Capping and Beta-turn Motifs from NMR Chemical Shifts
  • VW_fit: Optimization of weights of individual structural models in structural ensemble to achieve best fit for RDCs in multiple alignment media
  • TALOS-N: Protein Backbone and Sidechain Torsion Angles Predicted from NMR Chemical Shifts Using Artificial Neural Networks
  • POMONA: Chemical Shift Homology Modeling using Protein alignments Obtained by Matching Of NMR Assignments
  • MERA: Backbone Torsion Angle Distributions Evaluation in Dynamic and Disordered Proteins from NMR Data
  • SMILE: Sparse Multidimensional Iterative Lineshape-Enhanced (SMILE) Reconstruction of Both Non-Uniformly Sampled and Conventional NMR Data
  • random coil J(HNHa): IDP random coil 3J(HNHa) coupling constants prediction
Last Reviewed April 2024