NMRI 16th Annual Workshop

NMRI Image containing Rodgers and Agodoa
Left: Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director of National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

Right: Dr. Lawrence Agodoa, Director of the Office of Minority Health and Research Coordination (OMHRC)
NMRI Event Photo containing Young, Pace, Brown and Rodgers
From left to right: Dr. Bessie Young, Dr. Betty Pace, Dr. Lynda Brown, Dr. Griffin Rodgers

Travel Award Recipients

NMRI event image containing Howell, Joseph, Hayward
American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases: Dr. Charles Howell and winners Joshua Joseph, MD and Frankie Hayward, Ph.D.

NMRI event image containing McElvaine, Joseph, and Hayward
American Diabetes Association: Dr. Allison McElvaine and winners Joshua Joseph, MD and Frankie Hayward, Ph.D.

NMRI Event image containing Hurley, and Aguilar-Perez
American Society for Bone and Mineral Research: Dr. Marja Hurley and winner Alexandria Aguilar-Perez, Ph.D.

NMRI Image containing members of the American Society of Nephrology
American Society of Nephrology: Dr.Mark Okusa and winners Senu Apewokin, M.D., Amanda Brown-Tortorici, M.S.,Marino Bruce, Ph.D.,Jacentha Buggs, M.D.,Carmen De Miguel, Ph.D.,Gwendolyn Derk,Etienne Vasconcellos De Macedo, M.D., Ph.D.,Wairimu Magua, Ph.D.,Anberitha Matthews, Ph.D.,Tenecia Mitchell, Ph.D.,Elimelda Ongeri, Ph.D.,Stanford Mwasongwe, M.P.H.,Opeyemi Olabisi, Ph.D.,Luis Perez, B.S.N.,Tanjala Purnell, Ph.D.,Mariya Sweetwyne, M.D.,Stephanie Toth-Manikowski, M.D.,Clintoria Williams, Ph.D.

NMRI Committee Members

NMRI Event image containing Committee members
L-R Dr. Virginia Sarapura, Dr. Patricia Heyn, Dr. Jose Romero, Ms. Winnie Martinez, Dr. Trudy Gaillard, Dr. Celeste Farr, Dr. B. Michelle Harris, Dr. Rocio Pereira and Dr. Marja Hurley

Abstract Winners

NMRI Event Image containing Romero, Martinez, Buggs, Vasconcellos, Miguel and Agodoa
Dr. Jose Romero, Winnie Martinez, Jacentha Buggs, MD, Etienne Vasconcellos, MD, Carmen De Miguel, Ph.D., Lorena Marcano-Bonilla, Dr. Lawrence Agodoa
NMRI Event Image containing Romero, Martinez, Magua, Ongeri, Garcia, Inostroza-Nieves and Agodoa
Dr. Jose Romero, Winnie Martinez, Wairimu Magua, MD, Elimelda Ongeri, PhD, Melawhy Garcia, Ph.D, Yaritza Inostroza-Nieves, Phd, Dr. Lawrence Agodoa

NMRI Event image containing Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Young
Dr. Griffin Rodgers and Dr. Bessie Young
NMRI Event Image containing Dr. Romero and Dr. Pace
Dr. Jose Romero and Dr. Betty Pace
NMRI Event Image containing Martinez, Pereira, Rodgers, Romero, Sanabria and Agodoa
Winnie Martinez, Dr. Rocio Pereira, Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Dr. Jose Romero, Dr. Juan Sanabria, and Dr. Lawrence Agodoa

NMRI 15th Anniversary

A photograph of a group of people standing.
In celebration of NMRI’s 15th Anniversary, select NMRI members were presented with Medallions