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Reasons to Choose NIDDK for Your Fellowship

NIDDK fellows from high school through M.D. and Ph.D. have access to a range of community and career support programs and scientific opportunities. Many trainees are now prominent faculty members at leading universities throughout the world. Several have received Nobel prizes and other prestigious awards.

NIDDK postdoc fellows pose for a group photo

Diverse Community

NIDDK embraces diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Fellows come from across the U.S. and many countries. NIDDK fellows have access to

  • NIH Community Groups – a large part of feeling comfortable in your work environment is having a community with whom to share the experience. Find a community that will make you feel at home.
  • Trainees Recognizing Equity and Diversity in Science (TREaDS) – join a monthly science seminar series organized and hosted by NIDDK intramural trainees. TREaDS invites exceptional scientists and clinicians who promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to speak and attend small group sessions where they share their experiences and stories with NIDDK fellows.
  • NIDDK Distinguished Postbaccalaureate Scholars Program for recent college graduates – join a program that strongly encourages the participation of individuals with a demonstrated commitment to diversity, including those from underrepresented populations. The program is aligned with NIDDK’s inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and civility efforts.
  • NIDDK Diversity Summer Research Training Program (DSRTP) for undergraduate students - join a program that provides an independent summer research experience at NIDDK laboratories to students from groups under-represented in biomedical science or disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Career Development

NIDDK fellows have access to numerous career development opportunities.

  • Career Panels and Seminars – learn the skillsets required to land positions and attend seminars on topics from creating and presenting posters to leadership skills and workplace dynamics.
  • Grant Writing Workshops – learn how to prepare competitive grant proposals in NIH and NIDDK courses.
  • Teaching and Mentoring (NIH) – teach and mentor at NIDDK and elsewhere. Teaching experience is crucial to successfully finding a job in a tight academic job market.
  • Three-Minute Talks (TmT) Competition (NIH) – compete to be named the best short-talk presenter at NIH by a panel of science communication specialists.
  • Collaboration and Networking with Distinguished Investigators – work alongside NIDDK scientists who have achieved international recognition as highly productive and innovative researchers. Oral histories for select NIDDK investigators are featured on the NIH Office of History website.

Additional opportunities are featured in the NIH Postdoc Handbook pages 58-63 (PDF, 1.42 MB) and NIH Postbac Handbook, pages 22-24 (PDF, 1.42 MB) .

Access to Cutting-edge Technology

NIDDK fellows have access to cores & support services that provide state-of-the-art technical expertise and instrumentation covering clinical studies, animal research, mass spectroscopy, genomics, imaging, and other specialized services.

Annual NIDDK Scientific Conference

NIDDK fellows share their research findings, gain marketing and interviewing skills, and network with other fellows, current NIDDK investigators, and NIDDK alumni at the Annual NIDDK Scientific Conference. The conference is organized by members of the Fellows Advisory Board (FAB).

Additional Stipend

NIDDK fellows who compete successfully for the Nancy Nossal Fellowship Award will receive an additional stipend.

NIDDK Fellowship Office Support

The NIDDK Fellowship Office supports each fellow through the duration of their program. The Office also coordinates seminars, workshops, and other opportunities to enhance professional and career development.

Last Reviewed June 2024