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Name Email Address Phone Number Title and Office Research Description
Abaandou, Laura 301-451-2635
Abbott, Kevin 301-594-7714 Program Director: Division of Kidney, Urologic, & Hematologic Diseases Kidney and Urology Epidemiology; Transplant, including transplant related clinical trials; Dialysis Clinical Studies, non interventional, no clinical trials; Contract Officer Representative (COR) for United States Renal Data System (USRDS) and Urologic Diseases in America (UDA)
Abd-Elmoniem Ahmed, Khaled 301-451-4340 Staff Scientist: Biomedical & Metabolic Imaging Section, Biomedical & Metabolic Imaging Branch
Abel, Brent 301-496-6860
Abijo, Tomilowo 999-999-9999 Biostatistician: Biostatistics Program​ Provides statistical support to NIDDK intramural investigators, including study design, protocol review, and data analysis
Abraham, Kristin 301-123-4567 Program Director: Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Metabolic Diseases Development of resources and infrastructure to support provision and exploration of human tissues for studies of diabetes, and improvements in innovative mouse models to advance diabetes research.
Abramowitz, Lara 301-496-9405 Associate Scientist: Cell Biochemistry Section, Laboratory of Cell & Molecular Biology
Acosta, Isabella 999-999-9999
Adebayo, Susan 301-402-4545
Afreen, Samina 301-435-1090
Afzali, Behdad (Ben) 301-443-2055 Section Chief: Immunoregulation Section, Kidney Diseases Branch
Agarwal, Sunita 301-402-7834 Staff Scientist: Signal Transduction Section, Metabolic Diseases Branch
Aggarwal, Manu 301-827-2790
Agyapong, Christabelle 301-451-1998
Ahdoot, Sheida 301-594-5150 Administrative Officer: Extramural Administrative Management Branch Extramural Divisions and Offices
Ahern, Mary 602-200-5300
Ahmad, Maleeha 301-480-9519
Ahmed, Famin 301-496-3583
Ahmed-Khan, Mohammad 301-496-1721
Aidoo, Michael 301-496-1163
Ajose, Aricia 301-594-9023 Senior Grants Management Specialist: Grants Management Branch Training Team (Fs, Ks, and Ts)
Akolkar, Beena 240-593-1733 Program Director: Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Metabolic Diseases Clinical research in the prevention and immunopathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes and the genetics and genomics of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
Alapat, Alphonse 602-200-5200 Nurse Practitioner: Chronic Kidney Disease Section, Phoenix Epidemiology & Clinical Research Branch
Alcantara, Ivan 301-451-6992
Alcivar, Patricia 301-435-6121 Staff Assistant: Clinical Research Section, Liver Diseases Branch
Alexander, Nancy 301-451-6982 Program Lead: Office of Clinical Director Protocol Navigation Program
Alford, Denise 301-827-2630 Digital Engagement: Office of Communications & Public Liaison Web Publishing (Extramural Research; KUH), Social Media
Ali, Nyima 602-200-5200
Ali, Sahara 301-435-9267
Alkaissi, Hussam 929-319-3688
Allende, Maria 301-496-8356 Staff Scientist: Genetics of Development and Disease Section, Genetics & Biochemistry Branch
Alleva, Benjamin 301-496-1773 Postdoctoral Fellow (IRTA): Genetics and Biochemistry Section, Genetics & Biochemistry Branch
Al-Naqeeb, Ghadah 410-937-0962 Clinical Fellow: Clinical Endocrinology Section, Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Obesity Branch
Alqaisi, Sura 301-827-1930
Amarasekara, Harsha 301-451-1053 Research Fellow: Synthetic Bioactive Molecules Section, Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry
Amaya, Michelle 301-827-2363 Program Specialist: Office of Workforce Development and Planning OWDP Administrative Support
Amiri, Mahshid 301-827-6794
An, Jessica 301-594-8889 Nurse Practitioner: Gastroenterology Section, Digestive Disease Branch
Anania, Frank 301-435-6121
Andersen, Dana 410-868-0638 Program Director: Division of Digestive Diseases & Nutrition Observational and Investigational Clinical Research; Biomedical Devices, Surgical Interventions, and Medications
Anderson, Brittney 301-451-6419
Anderson, Cassandra 301-402-7845
Anderson, David 301-496-7546 Head, Peptide Centric Mass Spectometry: Advanced Mass Spectrometry Core, Cores & Support Services
Anderson, Harelda 602-200-5200
Andrews, Torri 301-827-7408 Administrative Officer: Intramural Administrative Management Branch Division of Intramural Research Labs and Branches (LBC)
Andrews-Shigaki, Shelby 301-594-3666 Budget Analyst: Office of Financial Management & Analysis RMS, R&D Contracts
Anfinrud, Philip 301-435-6034 Section Chief: Ultrafast Biophysical Chemistry Section, Laboratory of Chemical Physics
Annechiarico, Robert 301-555-5555
Appella, Daniel 301-451-1052 Section Chief: Synthetic Bioactive Molecules Section, Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry
Aqeel, Zoha 269-873-7623
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