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Technology Advancement Office

Select staff are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Read a description of the Technology Advancement Office.

Name Email Address Phone Number Title Research Description
Niebylski, Chuck 301-435-8146 Director, NIDDK Technology Development Coordinator (TDC)
Buller, Carolyn 301-451-2305 Senior Invention Development and Collaboration Specialist Intramural Agreements, Patenting & Licensing
Eley, Agnieszka 301-451-6072 Senior Advisor for Extramural Extramural Agreements, Patenting & Licensing
Knezevic, Vladimir 301-435-5560 Senior Advisor for Commercial Evaluations Product Development, Marketing, Intramural Agreements, Patenting & Licensing
Shastri, Mythreyi 301-435-0613 Technology Development Specialist Intramural Agreements
Tong, Betty 301-451-7836 Senior Licensing and Patenting Manager Patenting & Licensing
Walsh, Rosemary 301-451-3639 Senior Technology Development Specialist Intramural Agreements
Young, Zsa Zsa 301-443-5605 Administrative Specialist Administrative & Office Management