Administrative Supplements to Research Grants

Supplemental funds can be requested for emergencies or other situations which result in unforeseen costs. Some such situations may be:

  • A natural or manmade disaster that damages the principal investigator's lab or other research resources
  • Failure of essential equipment
  • Unexpected or increased costs of recruiting subjects
  • Unexpected or increased costs of performing laboratory analyses

Requests must be within the scope of research proposed and reviewed in the parent grant. Prior to submitting a supplement request, it is strongly recommended that principal investigators speak with the program official associated with the parent grant to discuss eligibility, alignment with Institute expectations/priorities, and availability of funds.

Please note the following regarding administrative supplement requests

  • NIDDK has prioritized its budget to maintain funding of investigator-initiated grants at the highest possible level. Therefore, the institute has little flexibility to support administrative supplements.
  • Given this prioritization, the number of successful administrative supplement applications will be extremely low and generally limited to rare, unforeseen circumstances (e.g., requests to replace key pieces of equipment following a natural disaster).
  • Applicants who are successful in receiving supplemental funds will be informed of the NIDDK’s decision via a Notice of Award.

For application instructions and other requirements, please see