P50: Specialized Center Grant

Specialized Centers (P50) support any part of the full range of research from very basic to clinical; they may involve ancillary support activities such as protracted patient care necessary to the primary research or limited core facilities. Support activities are designed to enhance multidisciplinary studies on a specific disease entity or biomedical problem area.

NIDDK currently funds its Pediatric Centers of Excellence in Nephrology through the P50 mechanism.

About the Grant

The Pediatric Centers of Excellence in Nephrology support both basic and clinical research on pediatric kidney disease.  The emphases for this program are several-fold: (1) to continue to attract new scientific expertise into the study of human pediatric physiology and kidney disorders in humans and in disease models; (2) to encourage multidisciplinary research focused on the causes of these diseases in these areas; (3) to explore new areas with translational potential and (4) to design Developmental Research (DR)/Pilot and Feasibility (P&F) studies which should lead to new and innovative approaches to study kidney disease in the pediatric population, and the eventual submission of competitive investigator-initiated R01 research grant applications. These Centers complement the O’Brien Kidney and Urological Research Centers.

Deadlines for Application

RFAs are issued every 5 years. RFA-DK-11-009 was issued in 2011, and the next RFA is scheduled for release in Summer 2016.

For More Information

Contact Ziya Kirkali, M.D.